PL/SQL Unwrapper for SQL Developer


Version 1.0.0
Last Update 2016-06-25
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PL/SQL Unwrapper for SQL Developer is a free extension to unwrap PL/SQL code wrapped with the wrap utility of the Oracle Database Server version 10g, 11g or 12c.


Open a wrapped PL/SQL unit (procedure, function, package specification, package body, type specification or type body) in a SQL Developer editor


Right-click within editor to show the pop-up-menu. Choose “Unwrap” or simply press Ctrl-Shift-U to unwrap the code.


The editor content is replaced by the unwrapped code.


By default the unwrapped code does not contain a valid DDL statement. In this case the “CREATE” is missing. You may change this behaviour in in the PL/SQL Unwrapper preferences.


Check the “Add ‘CREATE OR REPLACE'” option to get a complete DDL statement.


Bulk Unwrap

If you install oddgen for SQL Developer you will see a “PL/SQL Unwrapper” node in the Generators window:


Open the PL/SQL Unwrapper node to show all wrapped objects in the navigator tree. Select one or more objects to unwrap. The following audioless video shows how to unwrap all package bodies in a schema in one go:


Configure Update Center

Click the “Help” menu and select “Check for Updates…”. Press the “Add” button to register the update center . If you have troubles to configure the proxy settings, because your company requires some additional authentication or similar, then I suggest to download PL/SQL Unwrapper for SQL Developer via the “Download” button below and use the “Install From Local File” option. Please note, that a SQL Developer 4.0.0 or higher is required.