Where is the Symbian OS stuff?

I’ve released the last version of StartUp in December 1999 and the last version of Crypto in March 2002. That’s quite a long time ago. I don’t plan to work with Symbian OS anymore. If you need one of these programs (source or ARM or WINS  binary) just drop me an email via the contact form.


  1. blank felix says:

    Hi phillip, just found my old revo. Would like to install crypto to rcover a file from my backups :)
    May i still get a cpy? Thx felix

  2. blank Joharan Nilambarko says:

    Saludos Philipp,

    I had been using Crypto succesfully for many years until recently when my Psion 7 started having battery problems. I had sensibly backed up my data to CF before I left. After a leave of absence, 7 months, I returned to find a completely discharged Psion 7 – both the main Li-ion battery pack and the backup battery were effectively dead. Not very surprising in itself.

    Now here’s the thing. On return I managed to revive the Psion, but for some reason the Crypto programme had disappeared completely from the CF backup. All the other programmes I had been using – mostly Pascal Nicholas’s – were still present on the CF backup, except for Crypto. I am at a loss to explain this. However, all my Crypto files are still on the CF card but inaccessible as the Symbian system demands the presence of the Crypto programme to decrypt the files on demand.

    I wonder if you still have a copy of Crypto that I could use to try and recover my Crypto files from the CF card in my Psion 7.



  3. blank JM says:

    HI, I’m so glad i’m able to download Crypto in 2019 !!!  Thank you so much for making this great software available, very thoughtful and considerate.  Yes, there are still Psion users out there!  Best regards, JM

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