Trivadis PL/SQL & SQL CodeAnalyzer Released

A month ago I had a talk about “Extending the Oracle Data Dictionary for Fine-Grained PL/SQL and SQL Analysis” during the ODTUG Kscope13 conference in New Orleans. Oracle data dictionary views as DBA_IDENTIFIERS or DBA_DEPENDENCIES are in many cases sufficient to analyze static PL/SQL and SQL code within the Oracle database. But what if more detailed analysis are required, such as the use of tables or columns in PL/SQL package units, in SQL statements or in SQL statement clauses? Wouldn’t a DBA_OBJECT_USAGE view – showing DML and query operations on tables/views per database object – be a helpful tool?

TVDCA – the Trivadis PL/SQL and SQL CodeAnalyzer – is such a tool and helps you to overcome several analysis restrictions in an Oracle 10g, 11g or 12c database. At Kscope13 some of my attentive session attendees got an USB stick with TVDCA 0.4.1 Beta. In the meantime I was busy fixing bugs to proudly present you now an updated trial/preview version free of charge in the download section of this blog.

The following query might give you an idea of the functionality of tvdca:

Please have a look at my slides or the information in the download section if you are interested to learn more about tvdca.

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