Moving to GitHub

Over the years, my blog has become one big mess. It was no longer a blog. It contained product pages, change logs, software downloads, FAQs and even a forum. That was a nice experiment. But now it’s time to move everything that doesn’t belong in my personal blog to another place. A place where the content can be properly managed. GitHub.


I moved all product information including change logs and frequently asked questions to the following GitHub repositories:

These repositories contain the product information and the software releases including the release history. The idea is to manage all issues in GitHub repositories, regardless of the public availability of the product source code. I’m sure this will simplify the work of all involved parties.


I removed the forum from the main menu. However, it is still there. If you know the URL (e.g. by guessing or because you have some forum e-mails) then you may access it. For the time being, I keep it in read-only mode. However, I plan to delete the forum without migrating the content.


The Download area is still there. However, all links including download links point to other websites.


The move to GitHub is complete. I registered a lot of redirects. So I expect all links to to work still and show the expected content. Please leave a comment, If you experience dead links. Thank you.

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