[Solved] Cannot get PL/SQL Cop Validators working with SQL Developer  




I would like to setup SQL Developer so that simple (or those provided by Salvis) naming conventions for parameters and variables are checked. I installed the Cop validators as described on the GitHub PL/SQL Cop validators page but I can't get them working within SQL Developer.

When I launch a check, I get the following error message: Validator "com.trivadis.tvdcc.validators.GLP" not found in plugin directory . Default validator "com.trivadis.tvdcc.validators.TrivadisGuidelines3" used.

It seems that the validators.jar file is not found. I tried to copy it into several locations but without success. Can someone tell me where to install it precisely?

I don't understand either step 1 of the installation "Install PL/SQL Cop as above" as PL/SQL Cop is anway included in the TVDCC_for_SQLDev-*.zip file and jar files are well copied under "sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\extensions" during step 3.

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It seems that the validators.jar file is not found. I tried to copy it into several locations but without success. Can someone tell me where to install it precisely?

Actually it doesn't matter where you store the validators.jar. On GitHub it is assumed that you have installed the PL/SQL Cop command line tool. Hence it is described how to store the validator in its plugin directory.

You can store the validators.jar (or whatever the name you choose for your custom validators) wherever you want. But you need to define the directory containing custom validators in SQL Developer's preferences. The "plugin path" is just the path containing the directory, not the full path to the jar file. See attached screenshot or screenshot on GitHub.

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Thanks Philipp, I had indeed missed the "plugin path" in the preferences; it now works perfectly!


Thank you filou97, for letting us know. 😀 

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