[Solved] LICENSE VALID THRU 2019-03-31  



Why does the license has a valid thru date?

What would happen after 2019-03-31?

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The included license is for trial/preview purposes.

Beside the validity time, the license has other limitations such as 5000 lines of code, 200 commands and 400'000 bytes of code. However, this should suffice to evaluate the product. After expiry, the product will stop working. However, you may download a new version of PL/SQL Cop to renew the license.


After the trial period, what is the cost and the terms of the new license?

Because, if everything goes well with the evaluation of the tool, we would like to used permanently.



Please go to  https://www.trivadis.com/en/products-application-development and scroll down to the "Further information" section. There you find a PL/SQL Cop flyer with licensing terms including a price list. If you have questions please ask directly our solution manager Martin Luckow. Use the form on this page to contact him.

For technical questions feel free to contact me again, anytime. Thank you.

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