Column-less Table Access


While writing some JUnit tests after fixing bugs in dependency analysis views, I came up with the following query:

The first view tvd_object_usage_v contains all table/view usages per object. The second view tvd_object_col_usages_v contains all column usages per object.

The idea was to check the completeness of the second view tvd_object_col_usages_v. I believed that there cannot be an object usage without one or more corresponding column usages. Therefore I assumed the query above should retrieve now rows, but obviously I was plain wrong.

Here are some examples of column-less table accesses:

Based on that I’ve build the test case as follows:

These tests are now part of my TVDCA test suite to ensure column-less table access is handled appropriately ;-) 

BTW, here is an excerpt of my JUnit test:

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