IslandSQL Episode 6: DML Statements in Oracle Database 23c

Introduction The IslandSQL grammar now covers all DML statements. This means call, delete, explain plan, insert, lock table, merge, select and update. In this episode, we will focus on new features in the Oracle Database 23c that can be used in insert, update, delete and merge statements. For the select statement see […]

IslandSQL Episode 5: Select in Oracle Database 23c

Introduction In the last episode, we extended the expressions in the IslandSQL grammar to complete the lock table statement. The grammar now fully covers expressions, conditions and the select statement. In this episode, we will focus on optimizer hints and new features in the Oracle Database 23c that can be used in the […]

Installing MLE Modules in the Oracle Database

Introduction In my previous blog post, I’ve shown how you can deploy an npm module from a URL and a custom ESM module from a local file into a remote Oracle Database 23c using JavaScript and SQLcl. This works well. However, for two MLE modules, I had to write 22 lines of […]

MLE TypeScript & JavaScript Modules

Introduction The Oracle Database 23c supports MLE JavaScript modules. MLE modules are standard ECMAScript 2022 modules. The easiest way to develop such modules is outside the database. This allows us to take advantage of the extensive JavaScript ecosystem and develop MLE modules in TypeScript instead of JavaScript. In this blog post, I […]

Oracle Database 23c on a Mac with an M-Series Chip

Starting Position I got my MacBook Pro 16″ with an Apple M1 Max chip with 10 cores, 64 GB RAM and 4 TB disk in November 2021. At that time, the M1 chip had already been on the market for a year and I knew that there were problems when running virtual […]